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TextMagic IPO

The initial public offering of TextMagic is open for Estonian investors until December 9. The subscription price is €5 per share.

TextMagic is an international text messaging software company that operates mainly in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Australia. 

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Hagen Bikes IPO

Until December 10, Estonian investors can subscribe for Hagen Bikes shares. The subscription price is €2.64 per share.

Hagen was established in 2014 in Denmark, where an Estonian bicycle visionary Kaspar Peek started to produce bicycles.

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Welcome AST to Baltic Bond List!

AST is the first among the Baltic TSOs to issue green bonds. The size of the bond issue is 100 MEUR. The annual coupon rate is 0.5%.

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Hepsor – welcome to Nasdaq!

Hepsor (ticker: HPR1T), one of the largest real estate developers in Estonia, is now listed on Baltic Main List.

19,621 investors subscribed for Hepsor’s shares during their IPO, making it the third largest IPO in the Baltic stock market history in terms of the number of investors.

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Welcome Citadele Banka first international bonds to Nasdaq Riga!

The size of bond issue is 200 MEUR. The annual fixed rate of interest is 1.625%.

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