The Nasdaq Baltic equity index family includes the Baltic All-Share, local All-Share, Sector, Benchmark and Tradable indexes. The methodology for their calculation and adjustments is broadly similar to that of other Nasdaq indexes. 

Nasdaq is the sole and exclusive owner of all rights, titles and interest in and to the indexes. Any products based on the indexes require permission from Nasdaq. 

The Nasdaq exchanges carry out the periodical and daily maintenance of the indexes, such as calculating and distributing the index levels and calculation parameters. 

Detailed information on special events, such as the semi-annual review of the composition of the Baltic Benchmark and Baltic 10 Tradable indexes and adjustments due to corporate actions, is published in Global Index Watch.

Global Index Watch is a daily service which distributes index information. For more information see

Rules for the Construction and Maintenance of the Nasdaq Baltic Equity Indexes

Rules for the Construction and Maintenance of the Nasdaq and Oslo Børs All-Share, Benchmark, Tradable and Sector Indexes