1st place and 1000 EUR were awarded to students of Stockholm School of Economics (Riga, Latvia) Yaroslava Obertas and Ivan Mihhejev  for their Bachelor thesis:Explaining Equity Liquidity on the Baltic Stock Market: Role of Traditional and Novel Determinants” (in English).

2nd pace was awarded to the students of Stockholm School of Economics (Riga, Latvia), Tomas Urniežius for his Bachelor thesis Liquidity risk and performance of Lithuanian mutual funds (in English).

3rd place was awarded to the student of St. Andrews University (United Kingdom) Ieva Sarkauskyte for hes Master thesis Testing Weak-Form Market Efficiency of Developing markets: Evidence from the Baltic Stock Exchange (in English). 

Recognition diploma was awarded to the students of Stockholm School of Economics (Riga, Latvia) Anastasija Oļeiņika and Madara Bogdāne for their bachelor thesis: What Types of Investors Drive Commonality in Liquidity? Evidence from the Estonian market” (in English).