Nasdaq Tallinn and the Nasdaq CSD branch in Estonia are the leading securities market infrastructure operators in Estonia. These two enterprises provide market participants with an environment for conducting, clearing and settling transactions with securities, for the listing of securities, and for operation of the central securities register in Estonia.

Nasdaq Tallinn

Nasdaq Tallinn is the only regulated secondary securities market in Estonia. The exchange brings together investors, listed companies seeking access to a host of capital resources, and the exchange’s members who mediate investors’ securities transactions through the common electronic trading system.

Nasdaq Tallinn is a self-regulated organization, issuing and enforcing its own Rules and Regulations consistent with standard exchange operating procedures. It is licensed and supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Estonia. Nasdaq Tallinn has been a member of the Nordic-Baltic stock exchange alliance NOREX since April 2004.

Nasdaq Tallinn uses the Nasdaq trading platforms INET and SAXESS, which are also used by exchanges in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Structure of shareholders

The owner of Nasdaq Tallinn AS is Nasdaq Nordic, Ltd.

Nasdaq CSD 

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