Principles of sponsorship and charity

In our activities, we pursue organizational values that we see as the core of the Estonian securities market. We recognize that our work affects many people and organizations, and we realize that we are responsible for all our decisions and activities. 

Within the limits available to us, we wish to support Estonia’s development and focus on the following areas:

  1. Development of an investment culture

    Nasdaq Tallinn supports projects that contribute to the development of an investment culture in Estonia.
    • Nasdaq Tallinn organizes yearly conferences/seminars in the areas of saving and investment, and engages in the preparation of relevant training materials.
    • Nasdaq Tallinn cooperates with the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Supervision Authority and other market participants in implementing the Financial Literacy strategy in Estonia.
    • Nasdaq Tallinn is willing to support also other projects that are likely to contribute to and promote an investment culture in Estonia. Such projects may include informational events, the publishing of studies, events aimed at pupils, etc.
  1. Joy from small good deeds 

    We the employees of Nasdaq Tallinn and Nasdaq CSD branch in Estonia are aware of the events taking place around us, and we try to make our small contribution to resolving the problems of society.
  • We promote an economic lifestyle and avoid spending on impersonal souvenirs. Therefore, we have decided to give up the tradition of corporate Christmas gifts and instead donate the money thus saved to charity by financing an annual Christmas project. We carry out Christmas projects in cooperation with the Club of Small Good Deeds (Väikeste Heategude Klubi), making presents to the children of the Haapsalu Welfare Center (previously known as the Palivere Children’s Orphanage Home). It is important for us that our small contribution has a clear focus, developing value for children and that it continues over the years.