Strengthening capital markets and making it easier for companies to access is crucial for sustained economic expansion and job creation in the Baltic countries. Economies only grow when local enterprises increase their ability to create and deliver value.

That means developing products, hiring more employees, investing in production capacity and entering new markets – all of which is possible only when companies are able to raise additional capital to finance such growth. While public capital markets in the Baltic region are rather limited at present, much can be done to improve the situation.

With the aim of producing a wider problem analysis and a list of measures for improving the IPO climate in the Baltic region, Nasdaq Baltic exchanges engaged representatives of the business and investor community in broad discussions. 

The result of the discussions was an in-depth report including analysis and action proposals.

It is important to keep in mind that truly invigorating the regional capital market will require more than just a few isolated and relatively “soft” measures. Getting substantial results demands measures that are powerful and long-term, and that simultaneously support market offer and demand in a coordinated way. We sincerely hope that this report will lead to the type of real actions that can put the Baltic IPO market back on the path to growth – with all the positive effects that would bring for the local economies.

You can read the full report here.