An effective corporate governance framework is of key importance, as well-run companies are likely to be more competitive and more sustainable in the long term. Corporate governance codes aim to establish principles for good corporate governance in listed companies based on transparency, accountability and a long-term perspective. They provide standards and best practice for companies, enabling them to retain shareholders’ confidence in the company, to perform better and therefore contribute to fostering growth, stability and long-term investment.

Nasdaq Baltic Stock Exchanges prepared the Review of Corporate Governance Practices in the Baltics in 2015. The aim of this analysis is to assess Baltic regulated market companies’ level of compliance with corporate governance recommendations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It is the first report on corporate governance to include all three Baltic countries. Attention thus focuses on the recommendations that are comparable for all three. In order to provide more international perspective, other widely discussed aspects of governance, such as gender diversity, are also examined. 

You can read the full report here.