First North Certified Advisers guide growth companies through the application process to the Nasdaq Baltic Alternative market, First North, and ensure the companies fulfill all First North requirements on a continuing basis. 
The status of Certified Adviser is awarded to sufficiently experienced consultancy or financial intermediation companies.

Certified Advisers must follow certain rules:

  • They may not own more than 10% of the shares or voting rights in a company they advise.
  • In conjunction with the publication of unaudited annual and semi-annual reports, they must provide the Exchange with information about their holdings in the companies that they advise.
  • Employees involved in the advisory function shall not be allowed to trade in the shares of companies they advise.
Certified Adviser status can be acquired on one or more Baltic Exchanges.

Benefits of becoming a Baltic Certified Adviser

  • Access to the whole Baltic Market

    Consult and offer Certified Adviser services to all companies on Baltic First North
  • Single entry point 

    Baltic Certified Advisers submit all the documents only to their Home Exchange. That makes the application process easy and convenient.
  • Cost efficiency 

    Baltic Certified Advisers pay the registration and annual fees only to the Home Exchange. 
  • Visibility across the Baltics

    Being a Baltic Certified Adviser makes you a part of the pan-Baltic investment community and more visible at the Baltic level.