• Experience

  • Transparency

  • Publicity

  • Accessible to all exchange members – banks and brokers – who in turn provide services for their clients

Algorithms and infrastructure which are part of the exchange’s regular trading system can be used for the initial distribution and sale of shares and debt securities as well as to repurchase or buyback securities. 

Algorithms are flexible and adaptable for specific securities auctions.


The exchange’s experience organizing auctions includes, for example:



Benefits of organizing auctions on the exchange:

  • You can place all securities at once or gradually, in parts, depending on the market situation and preferences of the auction organizer.
  • It’s possible to attract an unlimited number of investors so that demand ensuring the best price.
  • Auction infrastructure is integrated into the exchange’s regular trading system, which means it is well known and convenient to use for all traders on Nasdaq exchanges.
  • Transparency of transactions is ensured.
  • Auction trades settlement takes place on the same system of the Nasdaq CSD that is used as for settlement on the secondary market, which is convenient and well known for market participants. Settlement is easy, fast and safe. And besides the standard T+2 day settlement cycle, it is possible to set any other settlement date for auctions.
  • The exchange not only organizes the technical setup of auctions, but also communicates about the process to investors and society.
  • Information on the auction and its results is distributed to the media and published on the website of the Nasdaq Baltic exchanges as per prior agreement with the auction organizer.