Nasdaq holds the intellectual property rights to the Nasdaq Baltic market information. Thus in order to sell or re-distribute the data, real-time or delayed, a vendor must sign a Global Data Agreement with Nasdaq. The agreement must be signed and the appropriate fees and charges must be paid whether the vendor takes information directly from Nasdaq or from a third party.

A vendor that has already signed such an agreement with Nasdaq needs only to select the relevant Baltic products on the Data Feed Request form.

For real-time data dissemination, user-specific subscriber reporting and charges are required. End users do not need to sign an agreement with Nasdaq, but the vendor needs to report the real-time data subscribers to Nasdaq on a monthly basis. End users may view but not re-distribute the market data. 

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Baltic Real-Time Data

Baltic Equities & Fixed Income

The Baltic Equities and Fixed Income product contains real-time information from trading in instruments on the Baltic cash markets in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius:

  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Baltic Index Values

Baltic Equities & Fixed Income Level 1 

This product includes details of the traded prices and quantities of all equities and fixed income instruments traded on Nasdaq Baltic markets. The content for Level 1 is best bid/ask with the respective total quantity, Baltic index values and market announcements. 

Baltic Equities & Fixed Income Level 2 

This product provides order book information on the 10 best bids and asks for all Baltic equities and fixed income instruments, with full details of the prices and quantities attached to the 10 best bids and asks. It also includes market announcements and Baltic index values. 

Baltic Equities & Fixed Income TotalView

This product provides full market insight with full order book and news for all Baltic equities and fixed income instruments. Baltic index values and market announcements are also included. 


Baltic Delayed

The Baltic Delayed product gives the right to unlimited distribution and resale of 15-minute delayed information. 

Delayed Information means information in respect of which more than 15 minutes have elapsed from the time the information was first transmitted to the market by Nasdaq. Delayed Information covers all intraday Level 2 data, Baltic Index Values, end of day data and official closing prices for the equity and fixed-income markets.


Accessing the Data

Vendors can access Baltic trading information via the following electronic channels:

  • Directly from Nasdaq access points in Stockholm, London or Helsinki. All Nasdaq Baltic data is available on the same feed as Nasdaq Nordic market data with the same technical specifications and infrastructure.
  • Members of Nasdaq Baltic can access trading data directly from the trading system.
  • Baltic vendors without trading-system access may get trading data from an XML feed.

Investors can access Baltic trading information via a market data vendor. Vendors disseminate Baltic trading data in various forms to their distributors, customers or end-users, brokers, institutions and individual investors. To meet their subscribers’ needs, vendors utilize a variety of media to distribute Nasdaq market data, including dedicated computer terminals, data feeds and the internet.

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