Trading rules

Listing Rules of Nasdaq Vilnius
Membership and Trading Rules of Nasdaq Vilnius
Annexes to Membership and Trading Rules of Nasdaq Vilnius
Nasdaq Nordic Market Model


Listing Price List of Nasdaq Vilnius
Member price list
Member technical services price list

Board Decisions



Application for the Admission of Securities Into the List
Apllication for the Membership
Membership agreement
Exchange Trader Application
Termination of Exchange Trader Authorization
Application regarding approval of Market Makers
Application for Nasdaq Baltic Exchanges Market Making and Market Making Program
Application for Public Offering
Application for Public Share Sale
Application for Tender Offer
Verification of Custody Bank for Bilateral Clearance of Trades
Clearing and settlement information applicable with Nasdaq CSD
Application – Cancellation of Transaction
Application for Admission to Trading on First North

Corporate Governance Code

Corporate Governance Code for the Companies Listed on Nasdaq Vilnius (01-01-2010)
Corporate Governance Reporting Form (16-03-2015)

Corporate Governance Code for the Companies Listed on Nasdaq Vilnius (15-01-2019)
Corporate Governance Code Reporting Form (15-01-2019)


Guarantee Fund Rules

Rules of the Formation and Use of the Guarantee Fund

Nasdaq Vilnius Guidelines

Guidelines On Order Placement Through Direct Market Access
Guidelines for Cancellation of Equity Trades
Principles of Flushing Order Books
Market Making Guidelines

First North Rules

First North Rules in Lithuania
First North Price list of AB Nasdaq Vilnius
Application forms:
Application for admission to trading on First North Baltic
Application to become a Certified Adviser on First North