Nasdaq Baltic exchanges employ two trading systems:

  • INET Nordic: the electronic trading system used for trading in equity-market instruments
  • Genium INET: the electronic trading system used for trading in fixed-income instruments, as well as for the execution of auctions and Special Procedures (tender offers, public share sales, IPOs) 

Recognized as the most sophisticated trading platform in the world, INET is the proprietary core technology utilized across Nasdaq’s global markets. We have designed an incredibly high-performance, easily-scalable and extremely robust architecture which has resulted in the most efficient price discovery and the quickest order acknowledgement times in the industry.

INET Nordic

INET Nordic is the Nasdaq trading platform for Nordic and Baltic equities trading.

For detailed information, please look at the INET Nordic Market Model.

Trades on the Baltic stock exchanges may be effected as automatically matched trades or manual trades.

Orders entered into the order book participate in the opening call auction at the beginning of the trading hours, automatic matching in the trading system during the continuous trading, and the closing auction conducted after the trading hours. As a result automatically matched trades can be concluded.

Manual trades are trades concluded outside the order book. A manual trade can be standard or non-standard. A standard trade is a trade concluded on standard market terms in respect of price, time of the trade, and with standard delivery and settlement schedule.


Genium INET

The Genium INET trading platform is designed to be one of the fastest and most functionally-complete multi-asset trading systems. It supports multiple markets simultaneously on a single platform – including all trading from traditional cash and fixed-income securities, derivatives, and commodities.

For detailed information, please look at the Genium INET Market Model for Fixed Income.