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10.01.2001 TLN Corrections to TALSE index
03.01.2001 TLN Summary of Estonian securities market, 2002
28.12.2000 TLN Tallinna Äripank Becomes Active Account Operator
19.12.2000 TLN TSE Supervisory Board decisions
23.11.2000 TLN TSE Supervisory Board decisions
23.10.2000 TLN MoneyCompass 2000 investment fair successful
17.10.2000 TLN Money Compass 2000 Investment Fair
08.09.2000 TLN TSE Supervisory Board decisions
08.09.2000 TLN TSE and ECSD complete restructuring
08.09.2000 TLN TSE and ECDS complete restructuring
20.07.2000 TLN Graphs and other additions to TSE and ECSD internet sites
20.07.2000 TLN Listing of Eesti Telekom bonds
20.07.2000 TLN Graphs and other additions to TSE and ECDS internet sites
06.07.2000 TLN President Lennart Meri promulgated the Estonian Central Securities Registry Law
15.06.2000 TLN Central Securities Registry Law Adopted by the Parliament
08.06.2000 TLN Tallinn Stock Exchange granted FESE corresponding member status
06.06.2000 TLN AGM resolutions of Tallinn Stock Exchange
06.06.2000 TLN AGM resolutions of ECSD
23.05.2000 TLN Baltic Stock Exchanges launch joint web-site
16.05.2000 TLN Tallinna Äripank Becomes ECSD Account Operator
11.05.2000 TLN TSE and ECDS launch new web-site
10.05.2000 TLN TSE and ECSD launch new web-site
02.05.2000 TLN Baltic Exchanges signed Letter of Intent with NOREX Alliance
11.04.2000 TLN Tallinn stock exchange launched wap-based information service
10.04.2000 TLN Take-over rules effective
24.03.2000 TLN Changes to the Baltic List
24.03.2000 TLN Bond yields on TSE Internet homepage
17.03.2000 TLN Board decisions
18.01.2000 TLN Amendments to Securities Market Act
03.01.2000 TLN Launch of Baltic List

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