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Harju Elekter (23.01.2023)

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HAE1T  |  ISIN EE3100004250

Name: AS Harju Elekter Group
Core business: Developing and manufacturing power distribution and automation solutions
Date of establishment: 15 February 1993
Date of registration: 14 May 1996
Auditor: AS PricewaterhouseCoopers
Date of listing: 30 September 1997 (I-List), 17 February 2003 (Main List)
Market: Nasdaq Tallinn
Other listings: -

Management Board:

Tiit Atso (Chairman), Aron Kuhi-Thalfeldt, Priit Treial


Supervisory Board:
Triinu Tombak (Chairman), Arvi Hamburg, Aare Kirsme, Andres Toome, Märt Luuk, Risto Vahimets

Background Information
Harju Elekter is an international industrial group with over 50 years of experience, whose main area of activity is the development and production of electric and automation solutions. The customers of Harju Elekter are mostly large electricity distribution network, infrastructure, industrial and maritime companies in the Nordic countries. An increasingly more significant share of the technical solutions of Harju Elekter is aimed at the renewable energy sector by offering complete packages of solar power stations, electric car charging equipment and other related solutions. The main activities are supported by the contemporary company producing sheet metal details and products. Harju Elekter has extensive experience in developing and managing industrial real estate, offering both commercial and industrial space solutions for energy-efficient buildings. Harju Elekter deals with real estate in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania, with ambition to expand into Sweden.The Group’s 10 companies in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Lithuania employ 800 specialist. Harju Elekter is strongly focused on export and business outside Estonia, where almost 90% of the Group’s products are marketed. The shares of AS Harju Elekter have been listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange since 1997.

The business activities of the Group are divided in three main areas:

  • Production – design, sales, production and after-sales service of electricity distribution, switching and conversion equipment as well as automation, process control and motor control equipment.
  • Industrial real estate – development of industrial real estate, project management, lease and associated services to lease partners and companies of the Harju Elekter Group.
  • Other activities – management of financial investments, retail and project-based sales of electrical goods and electrical installation work in shipbuilding.

Contact Details:
Address: Paldiski mnt. 31, 76606 Keila, Estonia
Telephone: +372 674 7400
E–mail: info.he@harjuelekter.com 
Internet webpage: http://www.harjuelekter.com 
Contact person: Marit Tack (Communications Manager)





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