Become a First North Certified Adviser

Become a First North Certified Adviser

First North is a market for growing small and medium sized companies. It gives them access to all the benefits of being public while offering a simpler and less time consuming listing process.

    1. All the companies that join First North must choose a Certified Adviser to work with. That may be a corporate finance firm, an accounting firm, or an investment bank authorized by Nasdaq Baltic.

The role of the Certified Adviser is to guide the company through the application process, helping it meet all the First North rules and regulations, and generally also after listing to help it ensure ongoing compliance: in reporting, disclosure, and so on.

How to Become a Certified Adviser

To obtain Certified Adviser status on First North in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, a company must complete the application form (see below) and meet certain requirements.

In particular, an Advisers must:

  1. - Have at least two employees with sufficient experience
  2. - Develop internal trading rules
  3. - Avoid conflicts of interest
  4. - Document all relevant information
  5. - Be independent from any issuer it advises

Additionally, an Adviser must enter into an agreement with each company it advises.

Application to become a Certified Adviser on First North Baltic


Registration fee

4000 €


Annual fee

4000 €


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