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PATA Saldus (21.07.2021)

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SMA1R  |  ISIN LV0000101681

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Security information

Nominal 0.7 EUR
Total number of securities 774,272
Number of listed securities 774,272
Listing date 14.11.1995

AS "PATA Saldus" share capital is EUR 579 916.40. It is divided in 828 452 shares where:

  • 774 272 shares with nominal value EUR 0.70 are bearer shares that gives equal right to receive dividends, liquidation quota and voting rights at the shareholders meeting.
  • 54 180 shares are employee shares with nominal value of EUR 0.70 that is registered shares. Owners of employee shares have equal right to receive dividends. But owners of employee shares have no voting rights at the shareholders meetings as well as they have no right to receive liquidation quota. Only employees and Board members of the company or company itself can gain employee shares.

Company shareholders (≥ 5%)
As of 31.12.2020

Name Ownership interest (%)
SIA Saldus mežrūpniecības uzņēmums 44.38
SIA Kubit 27.82
SIA PATA 22.93

Information about shareholders, who own 5% or more of issuer’s capital, is updated once per year based on the information provided in the issuer’s audited annual financial report.

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