Nasdaq Welcomes APF Holdings to the Nasdaq Baltic First North Market

10.11.2023 RIG, TLN, VLN

Tallinn/Riga/Vilnius, Nasdaq Baltic Market, November 9, 2023 – Nasdaq (NDAQ) announces that the shares of APF Holdings (short name: EGG), a Latvian poultry factory based in Alūksne, have been listed on the Nasdaq Baltic First North Market as of today, November 9.

The listing of APF Holdings shares follows its initial public offering (IPO), attracting 107% of the investment target, which amounts to EUR 5.62 million. The IPO target price per share was EUR 5.11, with a goal of EUR 5 252 722. In total, 2 128 investors participated in the IPO, and two Latvian pension funds also acquired a significant portion of the shares issued.

“The stock exchange serves as a place where forward-thinking companies aspire to grow, while driven investors deploy their savings to both profit and support local businesses. We congratulate APF Holdings on its successful IPO, supported by more than 2,000 investors, who have now become co-owners of the company,” said Liene Dubava, CEO of the Nasdaq Riga stock exchange.

“The most significant achievement of APF IPO is that the investor community in Latvia and other Baltic countries has expressed their trust in the development story of APF, which we will start fulfilling today. Stock market listing is an important step as it provides our shareholders with much more accessible information and, critically, the liquidity of their investments, allowing them to freely buy and sell the shares they acquired in the IPO. Being a publicly traded company implies additional responsibility, but it also provides significant benefits for attracting and managing investments. I hope our example will also help others decide to go public,” said Juris Adamovičs, Chairman of the Board of AS APF Holdings.

JSP APF Holdings was founded in 2017 by Jurijs Adamovics to take over and modernize a 60-year-old poultry facility based in Aluksne. Today, JSC APF Holdings comprises a group of companies involved in poultry farming, chicken egg production and marketing, as well as production of gas and organic fertilizers as part of its poultry business. The group is made up of SIA Aluksnes Putnu Ferma (poultry farming and egg production), SIA APF Trading (wholesale trade in chicken eggs), SIA Oluksne (poultry farming and egg production services), SIA APF Energy (production of gas and organic fertilizers), and SIA Preilu Putni (poultry farming, rearing farm). Jurijs Adamovics is the largest shareholder in APF Holdings.

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