Welcome to our new website!

16.09.2019 RIG, TLN, VLN

Welcome to our brand new website. Those of you who contributed to getting it up and running know it took a lot of time and effort, but we can assure you that was all definitely worthwhile.

Now that you are here …

If you are an entrepreneur aiming to raise capital or list your company on the exchange, then we suggest you first go to “Raise Capital”. There you’ll find information about instruments you can use for raising capital and the markets you can choose from. It’s intended to be easy to understand and acquaint you with all the key aspects of becoming a public company.

If you are an aspiring investor who is here for the first time and wants to know how to start investing on the stock exchange, then we encourage you to visit the “Start Investing” page first. There you’ll get a simple but detailed overview of the different asset classes you can invest in and how to make your first trade (become an investor!), along with many other tips to get you going.

If you are an experienced investor and visit us online regularly, then feel free to just explore the new site and see what’s new. One of our main goals in building it has been to make it more intuitive, simple and appealing for you to get the information here that you need every day.

And last but not least, if you represent a Baltic listed company or a broker firm on our market or act as an adviser on First North, then just know that this new website has been built as much for you as for us and investors. We’ve added a couple of new features, by the way, which we hope you’ll find useful (like highlighting of important events you are holding).

Having said all that, a website is never ready. Especially right after its launch. So you will probably have comments and suggestions – feel free to drop us an e-mail about them!


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