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Latv Gov. 7-year T-bond 57018 (24.11.2021)

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LVGB000027A  |  ISIN LV0000570182

Valsts Kase / Treasury of Latvia

Valsts Kase / Treasury of Latvia

Issuer: The Republic of Latvia.


Background information:

The issuer is the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia. According to “Regulations on Issuing Government Securities” approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on 6th of May 2014, the Treasury of the Republic of Latvia performs all transactions with government securities. The Treasury ensures public debt management in accordance with the Central Government Debt and Cash Management Strategy approved by the Minister of Finance.

Latvian government securities are issued to ensure financing of the government budget deficit and re-financing of the government debt, as well as liquidity of the government finances. The first issue of the government securities took place at the end of 1993 and currently, the government securities are the main source of the government domestic funding.

Latvian government domestic securities are issued in accordance with the current Regulation on Issuing Government Securities and the Nasdaq Riga settlement procedure specified in the Exchange Rules.

Latvian government domestic securities – T-Bills and T-Bonds – are issued in competitive multi-price auctions or non-competitive fixed rate amount auctions. The main market participants are banks – Primary dealers, who has exclusively rights to participate in the primary placement of government domestic debt securities and other government domestic borrowing transactions. Information about the Primary dealers system and the those participants is available in the Treasury website in the Primary Dealers section.

Additional information:

  • Information about the domestic issuance securities, credit rating of the Republic of Latvia and reports about the government debt is available in the Treasury website in Investor relation section.
  • Consolidated Budget Execution reports and other reports prepared by the Treasury are available in the Treasury website in the report section.
  • Monthly Survey of the Economics and General government budget prepared by the Ministry of Finance is available in Ministry of Finance website.


Information about the Annual Reports on Government Debt Management are available in Treasury`s web page.


Address: Smilšu iela 1, Rīga, LV 1919, Latvia
Phone: +371 67094222

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