Why join Baltic Fund Center?

The Baltic Fund Center is an environment for publishing fund performance information that is jointly administered by the Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius stock exchanges.

• The data of a fund that joins the Fund Center is presented on a joint website of the Baltic exchanges in a manner that makes it comparable with the other funds. The fund information available at this website is also distributed in various media in the countries where the respective fund is on public offer.

• Any fund duly registered and eligible for public offer in at least one Baltic state may join the Fund Center.

• Funds can join the Fund Center by making a listing agreement or information distribution contract with the stock exchange. In both cases, the required basic and historic data on the fund have to be submitted to the stock exchange in order to register the fund with the Fund Center.

• Joining the Baltic Fund Center is a convenient way of making the fund information available to all target groups – it gives the investors a better overview of the funds on offer and allows them to make deliberate investment decisions.

Price list for funds

• Entrance fee – not applicable
• Asset Manager’s fee – not applicable

• Annual fee per fund: 
Fund 1 – EUR 600
Funds 2-10 – EUR 500
Funds 11-20 EUR 400
Funds 21-n – EUR 300

• Processing fee EUR 100 per change for registering changes in fund name or fund currency

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