A statement from Nasdaq Tallinn

16.03.2020 TLN

The credibility of the stock exchange and the Estonian securities market relies heavily on market transparency and regulatory certainty, as well as being compliant with good market practice. Not only in Estonia, but also internationally.

The primary role of the exchange is to provide an environment where buyers and sellers can trade securities in a fair, secure and regular manner. The stock exchange does not determine the market prices of securities – prices are determined by the supply and demand of the investors on the market.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and the emergency situation that was temporarily announced in Estonia, we would like to assure investors that trading on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange will be ongoing as usual. It is important for investors to be able to buy and sell publicly traded securities if they want to. Similarly, the trading is ongoing on all Nasdaq stock exchanges globally, including the Nordic countries and the rest of the Baltics. We have shared this information also with the Crisis Committee set up by the Government of the Republic of Estonia.

Finally, I urge all investors and market participants to remain calm during this turbulent period and recall their investment principles.

Kaarel Ots
Chairman of the Management Board
Nasdaq Tallinn

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