Results of Eesti Telekom Domestic Public Offering

12.02.1999 TLN

Estonian CSD
Press Release

Between 25 January and 9 February 1999 Estonian Telecom domestic public offering was arranged via ECSD account operator banks, according to which all investors having securities account at ECSD could make their offers.

During the domestic offering, some 8,660 subscriptions in the total sum of EEK 860 mln were made by investors. After disclosing the equilibrium price, 8,609 subscriptions were valid, in the total sum of almost EEK 850 mln. 413 subscriptions were submitted by corporate investors and 8,196 by individuals.

Some 1,099 subscriptions in the total sum of EEK 32 mln were made by the employees of the Estonian Telecom. The most active account operator bank receiving subscription orders from investors, was Hansapank (4,898 valid subscriptions, out of which 292 corporate and 4,606 individual orders). The second active account operator bank was Eesti Ühispank (3,387 valid subscriptions, out of which 90 corporate and 3, 297 individual orders). Optiva Pank followed with 275 valid subscriptions (36 by corporates and 239 by individuals) and Eesti Krediidipank with 49 subscriptions (2 by corporates and 47 by individuals).

The total subscription sum reserved from subscribers in Hansapank was EEK 655 mln, EEK 178 mln in Eesti Ühispank, EEK 9.9 mln in Optiva Pank and EEK 6 mln in Eesti Krediidipank.

Percentage of subscriptions accepted in account operator banks:

Subscriptions via Hansapank: 45.36%
Subscriptions via Eesti Ühispank: 67.01%
Subscriptions via Optiva Pank: 97.55%
Subscriptions via Eesti Krediidipank: 59.59%

Additional information:

Eva Palu
Head of Investor Relations Department
Tel: +372 6408 840

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