Nasdaq is committed to taking all steps necessary for its markets to operate with the highest degree of integrity and in compliance with applicable law. We recognize the importance of the GDPR to our clients and members. We are committed to complying with the GDPR requirements and principles, including safeguarding and protecting personal data and addressing individual rights regarding data that we process. That obligation is fundamental to the way Nasdaq does business and is reflected in our privacy policies, agreements, and data protection safeguards.

Privacy Letters

The below Privacy Letters, one for each type of regulated business operated by Nasdaq in Europe, set out our personal data handling practices under GDPR, so that clients and market participants understand how we act to safeguard privacy while fulfilling our obligations to protect them against fraud, ensure the efficient operation of markets and satisfy regulatory obligations. Nasdaq is committed to transparency with all clients and market participants regarding its personal data processing and privacy practices. Information on how to contact Nasdaq regarding privacy practices is provided in the letters. The letters describe how Nasdaq incorporates compliance with GDPR into its services and products as well as summarize Nasdaq’s privacy program.

Nasdaq Privacy Policy

To address some of the new transparency and compliance requirements under the GDPR, we have updated our Privacy Policy effective May 25, when the regulation enters into force. The Nasdaq Privacy Policy describes how Nasdaq collects, uses and discloses personal data about clients and market participants who receive Nasdaq products and services, explore or maintain a business relationship with Nasdaq and/or use our websites or online features. The Privacy Policy applies to all personal data processed by Nasdaq. The Privacy Policy also describes your rights, where applicable, and how to exercise them.

Nasdaq privacy policy can be found here.

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